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Dive deep into the world of traditional thatched roofs, discovering their history, maintenance, and unique charm. Navigate the challenges and rewards of dealing with woodworm in your cottage, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your wooden structures.

Embrace the cozy ambiance of log burners, learning about their installation, maintenance, and safety to enhance your cottage experience. Our content is tailored for both cottage enthusiasts and homeowners, aiming to provide comprehensive knowledge and real-world solutions. At Village and Cottage, we are committed to preserving the quaint allure of cottage living while embracing modern comforts and sustainability. Join our community and transform your cottage into a picturesque and serene haven.

George Hadley

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wire in my  thatched roof


From Thatched Cottages To Stone Cottages. Find handy tips on anything to do with your old home.

my lounge showing timber beams

Timber Beams

Getting rid of woodworm and general maintenance.

my log burner at home in my cottage

Log Burners

Maintain your wood burning stove to as good as new!

I have been developing and renovating unique cottages for the last 40 years around the UK. Check out some of my latest articles: